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Gree is the number one brand of air conditioners in the world. One in three air conditioning units are produced by Gree Electric with over 400-million users, worldwide.

In 1991, GREE set out to make the world a cooler place. Based in Zhuhai, China, Gree began as a company that assembled residential air conditioners. With a strong vision, Gree has grown into a diversified global technological industrial group that has expanded its business to air conditioners, home appliances, high-end equipment and communication equipment under three brand names: GREE, KINGHOME and TOSOT.

Gree is the world’s largest specialised air conditioner company integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service and its products are exported to more than 160 countries and regions.

Action makes the future and innovation makes achievement. Gree looks to the future with a business philosophy of passion, innovation and realization. We aim to create a better life for humankind.

Good Quality

At Gree we insist on quality first. We stand for integrity in our management systems and remain customer-oriented and strictly focussed on quality source control and system construction. We will continue to transform and upgrade to achieve the highest quality products for our customers.

Global Responsibility

Part of the Gree responsibility is being mindful of the world we live in, which means Gree remains committed to using innovation to design more eco-friendly air conditioners. As part of our commitment to the environment, select Gree systems now feature R32 refrigerant - a better environmental option*. * R32 refrigerant has a 68% lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) and superior energy efficiency when compared to R410A.


The Gree mission is to continue to be innovation driven and create new ways to help people live well and stay comfortable no matter where they live, work or play. Every year Gree commits 3% of its budget to R&D. Gree is absolutely committed to creating a better life for humankind.

Customer Focus

At Gree we constantly strive to meet our customer’s need for a better quality of life. According to the statistics released by the Academy of Winning The Bid, Gree's customer satisfaction and loyalty have been no.1 in the industry for nine consecutive years since 2011. Over 400 million users worldwide choose Gree.

Distributor in Queensland

Kongs is Gree’s main distributor in Queensland, providing sales installation and warranty services for Gree air conditioners. At present, it has provided different series of Gree air conditioners for more than 20,000 Queensland families, and provided installation services for families in need, which has been widely praised.

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