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We can install your new split system

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We make it easy to install your new split system air conditioner. Just purchase your system from our wide range and we'll arrange for a licensed installer to come to you.

Installation options

Replacement installation – we will install the same air conditioner in the same location. New installation – a standard installation of a new air conditioner. Measure & Quote – an inspection to recommend the most suitable unit type and location for a new air conditioner.

Installation options

Our Installation is provided by a qualified refrigerant ARC tick handling licence holder, and 2 years installation warranty will be given to the customer.
If the installation service is provided by your own installer, to maintain the Gree AC Product warranty on, you should undertake the following procedures:
1. Keep your installation and products invoice on place.
2.Use a qualified air conditioner and installer.
3. Make sure operation is as per operating instructions.
4.Make sure the air inlet and outlet of the outdoor unit is kept clear of obstructions (dirt, leaves, plants).
5.Make sure that you have your domestic system serviced at least once per year.
6.Ensure the condensate drain is kept clean.
7.Replace exhausted batteries in remote control.
8. If your system fails, contact the manufacturer without delay.
9.If your system is at fault, do not operate the unit as it may cause further damage and void your warranty.

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